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Your free-flowing sign is generous with friends and colleagues when it comes to sharing the glory, but today, someone might be trying to horn in on your shining moment.

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You may have to have strong words with this person, but as a result, you could grow a steelier will. On a scale of one to ten, how content are you at work, Aquarius? If you answered below eight, it might be time to start considering your options. And today, as well-connected Venus lands in your professional tenth house until November 1, you'll be in the perfect position to put feelers out.

Start by figuring out what would make you happy: different work, more responsibility, a more collaborative team…?

Use this time to network like the savvy, strategic pro you are. Channel your energy into a profitable undertaking, like pitching a client or making a few sales calls.

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If you want to secure your spot on the org chart, use your people skills to nurture key relationships. Want more prosperity or happiness on the job? Start with some creative visualization. The intuitive moon and spiritual Neptune meet in your money sector today.

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While it may be hard to set aside your rational mind, what has skepticism ever gotten you but bitterness and a buzzkill? Allow yourself to ask the big question: What do I truly desire? Set aside what you think you "should" want and allow yourself to connect to that bigger dream.

Ask, believe, receive!


Slice of humble pie, Aquarius? Imparting your hard-won wisdom could come across as finger-wagging and superior. An illuminating square between the Sun in your collaborative house and critical Saturn may hint at codependency issues or mutual enabling—neither of which makes for a healthy connection. Sometimes a subtle shift in YOUR choice or words or body language can alter the whole dynamic—for the better.

Down the truth serum, but chase it with a shot of tact. You may not be in full-on outgoing-Sagittarius mode as peace-seeking Venus dips into Scorpio, your restful twelfth house, until November 1. Leave the all-night dance parties and marathon training to the others.

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Don't feel guilty RSVPing a few regrets and opening up your social calendar. You've been running on fumes, and you need to recharge.

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When you do go out, be selective about what events you attend since you'll be hypersensitive to noise—and other people's energy. Book a salon appointment or slip off for a restorative massage. You need to get yourself back to a centered place before you can be productive again. Take your slippers to work today, Sagittarius, and that loose-leaf tea press too. You might be inspired to soften up the decor in your spaces, adding a spiritual or ethereal touch. A hunk of amethyst, a vintage lithograph, an Ikat throw: Little touches like these will go a long way toward adding more sensuality to your space.

Domestic bliss: interrupted? A tricky moon-Jupiter square could upend your personal life today.