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But we cannot know which events bring people good lucks. In order to know what will happen in the Chinese astrological cycles, we need to know the theory of Ten Gods in Chinese astrology.

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This application will reveal God elements in the birth chart and the cycles, which can help people learning Chinese astrology. We will provide lots of sample birth chart as the study cases in the future. You should be able to read people's fortune after finishing the tutorial of those Chinese Zodiac birth charts.

Metal Element in Chinese Astrology

Astronomical Calendar China Civil Calendar only for east longitude degree. The Death of Stephen Hawking. Chinese Zodiac - Brown Pig.

Facial Mole Reading. Five Element Chinese Astrology. Understanding these animals and their characteristics helps us to understand ourselves and our interaction with those around us.

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Learn to maximise on the potential of any given circumstance and make it work for you. From the 10 characters in the birth chart right the energetic DNA of this client can be identified.

Master Tsai Chinese Astrology | The Rise and Fall Life Chart | Four Pillars of Destiny

Through a deep understanding of the characteristics of these energies it is possible to address and make recommendations to help any imbalance that life may be presenting. The imbalance may be financial, health related, a relationship or career issue, infertility or disruptive behaviour. All aspects of life can be addressed through the birth chart.

The time and place of birth is of paramount importance in this calculation. Read The Energy Specialist's insights into what the new year will involve, as well as her predictions from previous years.

Master Tsai Chinese Five Element Astrology. The Rise and Fall Life Chart

Through a chart calculating your date, time and place of birth, your energetic DNA can be assessed. Addressing any imbalance within the chart allows the practitioner to make recommendations to bring about more stability in your life, including health issues.

Birth Chart

Clients benefitting from a Horoscope for Health session include a young lady with agrophobia, a boy with depression and lack of interest in life, a gentleman with blocked arteries and a lady with a breast lump, to name but a few. Addressing an imbalance in your energy flow through the Horoscopes for Health sessions can help fertility, weight loss, stress relief, eating disorders, lack of confidence, or even a broken heart. A Horoscope for Health session with results - read more.