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You simply charge forth with your ideas and visions to make things happen. Your confidence levels will rapidly increase and you will feel ready to take on the world with your vision. There will be arrogance or attitude in your behavior. You could be very analytical and rude with the people around you at times and that may spoil your relations.

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Check your behavior; find out the root cause of your spoiled mood. Learn to accept the people as they are, instead finding faults in them.

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If you yourself are boss, you may face the criticism of your subordinates. You can make the day productive by your generosity. You feel very powerful and in a position today where you can lead and command a group. You are capable to face the challenges. Your productivity level will be very high and efficiency will pay off. It would only tarnish your image.

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Fear about the unknown which has no substance grip you today. Your thoughts, speech, and behavior turn for negativity that may affect the outcomes in your life. Check your emotions; you are getting sentimental many a times.

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The suit of swords in the Tarot represent paperwork, thoughts, and communication, and this little Page is appearing in your day with a double-edged message. Swords also embody the Air element in astrology, and Pages represent youth or the initial stages of something. But Pages also represent messages coming your way. This card could just as well indicate a young Libra then, or some paperwork or news coming your way that carries a double meaning. But we've also seen this card appear when there are spies in the mix!

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You may be spied on, or you may even just have fears that you are being spied on. In a work question, the Tarot may be sending the Page of Swords to give you the message to stay on your toes and don't cross any lines.

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  • In love, a younger figure may be present in your love situation that is not a welcome one. There could be an enemy at the gate with this card. But at the same time, the message may be that you are wielding your sword and its power to fight for what is rightfully yours.