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Now a days many people are accepting inter-caste marriages. You can get help from the inter-caste marriage specialist Astrologer, who solves issues and you can get married to your desired one. Astrologer Sandeep Kumar ji can bring a lover back and can agree parents for the inter-caste marriage. A family is an essential unit of the Indian culture. Now a days even if the families are very small, But still because of some misunderstandings, the people are facing various problems in the family. If you need to solve the family problems then you can contact astrologer Sandeep ji and get the right solution.

He will guide you to solve the problems faster that make the family stay happy. Love is the best feeling that makes us feel special and makes our life happy.


If 5th lord has relations with 6th house, and its lord, the other party will fall out and intercaste, if there, it will not suceed,it will be zero before maturing of marriage, secondly, 5th lord has relations with 12th house, and its lord, the native himself will back out from the marriage, thirdly, if the fifth house has relation with 8th house, and its lord,the obstruction in the marriage will be from the parens, and intercaste love marriage will not be performed,it will break before marriage.

To conclude, thorugh study of horscope is essential,instead of giving judgement on merely on combinations, The apparent combinations in D-1 chart are upto an extent indicationss of intercaaste marriage are true. Go Astrologer. Ask General prediction Marriage prediction Career prediction Hindi astrology. Join team Join as astrologer Astrologer Login.

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Home Article Article: What alignments can cause inter-caste or inter-religion marriage? Without time of birth and place of birth astrology cant help you. Kuch Nahi karna Hoga. Agar engagement ho chuki ha to shaadi kar le. Gun milan se kuch nahi hota hai.

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Lekin agar Horoscope Matching thik se nahi hua hoga to Married life mein prob ho sakti ha. Is liye usko lekar tension mat lijiye. Venus is the significator of Love and Romance and marriage. It is the significator of […]. Mars and moon in libra. My ascendant is in gemini, rashi is libra. Meri tabyat bhut khrab rhti ha ….. Will i have love marriage or arrange marriage my dob and time 9.

Plz tell me will i hav love marriage or not? Your comment is awaiting moderation Plz tell me will i hav love marriage or not? Please do reply.. In which year?

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Will I have love marriage? How will the future married life be?

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  • I am worried that I have been contemplating to remain single and trying to convince my parents for the same. Hi sir, I am devyani i am in love with guy i just want to know weather i will have love cum arrange marriage or arrange marriage? Please tell me sir urgently.

    EP#: 01Intercast marriage -- 100% Love marriage indication in Palmistry

    Hello sir My name is heena I just want to know. Will i have love marriage?? B is Place : Delhi Time : pm Plz sir help me.

    source If 5th lord sun and 7th lord venus conjuncts in 10th house in female native what type of marriage can be expected. POB batala zila gurdaspur. When will I get married?? I love someone. Can you please tell if marrying the same person is possible. Dob 06 feb Time am Place: Anantaram, andhra pradesh.

    Love marriage hogi ya arrange Aur shaadi kb tk hogi meri dob, timepm, and place-roorkee. I am in love with Telugu guy. He is a very gentle person.. He is from khammam,Telangana.. He is also having liking on me. Due to his family concerns he is not giving hope for marriage. Could you please help me ….

    Hi sir I was born on 7 Aug and time is 7 am and I like a boy but his marriage is fixed. Please tell me that I will have love or arrange marriage. Dob : Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Tuesday, October 8, Combinations to calculate love or arranged marriage from Horoscope. Role of Jupiter in deciding Love Marriage by astrology. Timing of Love and Relationship from Horoscope. Know about the Look of your Spouse May be Love Marriage was not very popular 40 or 50 years ago in India but nowadays it is more prevalent.

    Planets Responsible for Love Marriage in Astrology Basically while judging Love and Marriage we have to consider 4 houses primarily- 7 th house, 5 th house, 8 th house and 11 th house. Career Astrology and Determining Profession from D chart. Jupiter in 10th House. Do your chart has any of the combinations for Love Marriage mentioned here present? My love is other casted and so congested family please requed the answer.